Hanshin Port Container Terminals: Osaka

At the container terminals on Yumeshima and Sakishima, 9 terminals including C-1〜4, C-8, C-9, and C-10, C-11, C-12 comprehensively operated by DICT: Dream Island Container Terminal Co., Ltd. are in operation.
We are promoting efficient operation by integrating the operation of both exclusive and public terminals together with International Ferry Terminal.



C-8, 9
C-8, 9
C-10, 11, 12
C-10, 11, 12

International Ferry Terminal(KF:Public)

Service by two companies (one weekly, the other once two weeks) for Shanghai and 4 weekly services for Busan are available, taking some 70,000 passengers in 2016 as well as cargo handling 0.96 million tons in advantageous Hot Delivery Service per year.



As of Jan, 2019
Berth No. KF-1 KF-2
Length 450m
Depth -10.0m
Route ShanghaiRoute Busan
Shipping line Shanghai Ferry Japan-China
International Ferry
Sanstar line
Service 1 per week 1 per 2 week 5 per week
所要時間 48h 18h