Hanshin Port Liner Berths: Osaka

The seven berths exclusively designed for international cargo liners, have been in operation since 1977 to North America, China, SE Asia and Korea.。


©Port and Harbor Bureau, City of Osaka

Users and Facilities

As of July, 2017
Berth No. L-1 L-2 L-3 L-4 L-5 L-6 L-7
Lessees Konoike
Co., Ltd.
Sumitomo Warehouse Nissin Corporation Kamigumi Tatsumi Shokai Co., Ltd. Sankyu The Shibusawa Warehouse Co., Ltd. Mitsubishi Logostics Corporation Nippon Express Co., Ltd. Fujiwara
Co., Ltd.
Co., Ltd.
Length 200m 200m 200m 250m 250m 230m 230m
Depth -10.0m -10.0m -10.0m -10.0m -10.0m -10.0m -10.0m
Yard total area 18,000㎡ 18,000㎡ 18,000㎡ 18,955㎡ 18,955㎡ 18,501㎡ 18,505㎡
Shed area 5,568㎡ 5,568㎡ 5,568㎡ 6,952㎡ 6,952㎡ 5,560㎡ 5,560㎡
Route Taiwan, New Zealand (nonscheduled) New Zealand,
China, Korea
North & South
North and Central America, Middle East SE Asia,China, Taiwan
Shipping companies Konoike Line (nonscheduled) Swire Shipping
Saga Welco,Grleg Star Shipping Toko Line Tsukiboshi Logistics, NS United Kaiun Kaisha,
 Kansai Steamship, Daiko Shipping (nonscheduled)
*At L-4, our company manages and operates the wharf only


Osaka Port Integrated Cargo Distribution Center

Open 1992
Area Building 1 – 31,900m2, Building 2 – 32,950m2 Total 64,850m2
Building dimension Building 1 – 244.11m × 51m, Building 2 – 262.21m × 51m
Cargo handling equipment Vertical carriers Building 1 – 8 / Building 2 – 10
User Osaka Port Integrated Cargo Distribution Center Co., Ltd.
Function Cargo marshalling, storage, delivery, distribution processing, information processing, and exhibition