Hanshin Port Ferry Terminals: Osaka

In 2015, the ferry boats that called Osaka carried more than 833 thousand passengers and 524 thousand cars, particularly the number of visitors from Asian nations such as Korea and China is increasing. With the growing interest toward green transport, ferry cargo covers some 60% of the total domestic cargo at Port of Osaka.

Osaka Nanko
Ferry Terminal


Osaka Nanko Cosmo
Ferry Terminal


Outline of users

As of February, 2017
Berth No. Osaka Nanko Ferry Terminal A Wharf Osaka Nanko Cosmo Ferry Terminal
F-1 F-2 F-3 F-4 F-5 F-6 A R-3,4,5
Shipping companies Meimon
Taiyo Ferry
Shikoku Kaihatsu
Co., Ltd.
Taiyo Ferry
A” Line Ferry Co., Ltd. Ferry Sunflower Limited
Route Shin-Moji Toyo Shin-Moji Naze, Kametoku,
Wadomari, Yoron, Naha
Shibushi Beppu
Service 1 / day 1 / day 1 / day 3 / 2 week 1 / day 1 / day
Truck* 146 122 180 Approx.100 175 120
Car* 105 42 100 Aprox.70 140 100
Passenger* 713 750 877 240 782 710
Sailing distance 458km 240km 458km 1,282km 583km 425km
Notes Public

*Number will vary with the ship to commission.
*Number of trucks calculated based on 12m in length at F-1, on 8m at other berths